Paddles and Boards $40 day Rentals

Paddles and Boards  $40 day Rentals
Thursday, 12 May 2011
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  • Rent your board for $40 all day 877-786-5334
    groups.wall 1711 days ago
  • Thanks for the lesson today Mario! Nice to meet you. Please post the pictures when you get a chance! :)
    groups.wall 2006 days ago
    PADDLESandBOARDS You are welcome Cassy. :)2005 days ago
  • Join our Group and receive paddle board rentals for $40 all DAY (6 hour rental) Monday to Friday
    Reservations must be made at 877-786-5334
    groups.wall 2024 days ago
PADDLES and BOARDSWelcome to Fort Lauderdale's Official Paddle Boarding Services City Partner!$40 Day Club Member Rates (Monday to Friday total 6 hour rental)JOIN THE GROUP- complete your profile with photo-you can rent a paddle board for $40 all day Monday to Friday-Located at George English Park 1101 Bayview Dr Fort Lauderdale Florida 33305call to reserve with Mario at 877-786-5334
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